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If you ever watch a consumer buy, sell or rent on HGTV, one thing consistently stands out - The clients enjoy the interaction with their realtor. You don't need someone just trying to make commission. What you need is a trusted and experienced guide.  That is how we describe ourselves and your experience with us. 


Warren & LaShawn are:


1. Understandable - We are real estate educators. Hosting numerous workshops, seminars and full blown housing expos Warren and LaShawn bring a range of expertise to complement any buyer.


2. Friendly - Our relaxed and friendly manner is key to a great experience.


4. Knowledgeable -  We have or will gain in-depth knowledge of the area, its history, and relevance to your lifestyle. We are passionate and can convey our enthusiasm.


5. Engaging and Interactive - We share our knowledge in an engaging, illuminating and entertaining way, rather than repeating a list of facts by note.


7. Fun -  A certain level of friendly humour is essential. Equally, a good tour guide also knows when to include a little quiet time, and when to let the site speak for itself.


8. Observant -  Having participated in many home inspections, we have a good eye for good and poor craftmanship, and keep on the lookout for potential problems. 


9. Flexible - When appropriate, a flexible approach can make the difference between a good and a great tour guide. Being flexible means being open to serendipity, taking a moment to enjoy spontaneous moments like a particularly perfect sunset. 


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